Ancient Superheroes Primeval DNA Test 10-Pack


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Ancient Superheroes Primeval DNA Test 10-Pack


Among the tests in this introductory package are Ancient Israelites, Egyptian Mummies, Ötzi the Ice Man and Kennewick Man

World's first series of ancient DNA tests 

Discover your genetic similarity to people of the past with the first tests based on ancient DNA. Genomes recovered by recent breakthroughs from ancient human bones allow you to to back in time and compare your personal genome to that of actual persons who lived hundreds and even thousands of years ago.  A high-profile assortment of our most exciting tests. 

Choose either 1) to receive a new Primeval DNA Test kit or 2) to upload your personal raw genomic data file from previous testing. Kits are mailed within 24 hours and include return service to our lab with free FedEx overnight shipment guaranteed. With a kit, your genomic sequences are loaded into your account for you after release by the lab and your complete results are available to you in 4-6 weeks. If you choose an upload, your genomic sequences are processed in 4-5 business days, after review by our staff. Whether you choose an upload or kit, you may order additional individual tests from our current catalogue immediately. Order with confidence and security from the number one source for ancient DNA!


Ancient Israelites

Farmers, herders, merchants and other Levantine people who lived in the bounds of modern-day Israel from the end of the Stone Age down to Biblical times

Armenian Children of the Sun

Armenian Children of the Sun

Pre-Bronze Age Armenians who developed some of the world’s earliest wines


Baltic Hillfort Inhabitants

Not everyone was just waiting for the Agricultural Revolution to happen. These Bronze Age pagans happily clung to hunter-gatherer ways

Egyptian Mummies

Egyptian Mummies

Ancient mummified Egyptians sampled from the Abusire el-Meleq Archeological Site near Cairo


Horsemen of the Neolithic Apocalypse

Corded Ware people in Central and Eastern Europe who felt the first onslaught of fierce Yamnaya invaders from the steppes around 3,000 BCE


Iron Age Zulus

Zulu herdsmen who formed the southern branch of the Bantu Expansion in Africa, beginning 200 CE


Kennewick Man

One of America’s oldest inhabitants and certainly its most mysterious


Minoans and Mycenaeans

Greek maritime city sophisticates from the Bronze Age who left writings in Linear A and Linear B

Ötzi the Ice Man

Oetzi the Ice Man

Europe’s oldest known and most-studied natural mummy, a 5,000 year-old Alpine male with Sardinian DNA connections from Copper Age Italy


Vikings in Medieval Iceland

Norse and Irish settlers in Iceland from its earliest colonization


I ordered the Primeval DNA test on Feb. 25, 2019. I got my results in 4 days. This is my favorite DNA testing company. I have spoken to Mrs. Yates a few times and she has always answered all of my questions. I ordered Egyptian Mummies, Chumash Paleo-Indians, and Ancient Britons in Roman Britain. I will definitely follow up with the other four ancient peoples. Thanks for providing such wonderful service.

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